Monday, March 31, 2008

Front Page MAGIC!!

okay okay okay ... I'm WAY excited! My "Yellow is Yummy" scarf is on the etsy front page! How cool is that?? Cool enough for two posts in one day, that's how cool! Ha

See it there on the bottom?? So great :D

The Newest of the New

I just added some newbies to my shop. Trying to branch out and create more variety ... though, it all still uses my scale technique. (I just love it, if you can't tell. hehe)

Here's the pouches I recently posted.

And here's a pillow ... I'm so proud of this one!

Still working on some other ideas ... hehehe

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Furry Friends

My first blog about my life in general (and not just etsy)!! In response to a thread I posted on ... well ... etsy ... I thought it would be fun to show the world my kitties.

Here's Pheona - she's talks alllllll the time. She'll even hold conversations with me. And I swear her meow for "no" and her meow of "yes" are different. She also chases her own tail at times.

Here's Pharaoh. He's really floppy (as you might be able to tell). He's a one-cat welcoming committee whenever anyone comes over. He gives kisses on the nose and, unlike his adopted sister, has the most pathetic meow you've probably ever heard. Oh, and he loves water. Like really, really loves water. Especially showers.

Okay. I'm supposed to be writing TWO papers right now, so I'd better get crackin'.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I placed a bid on Alchemy ... and it was accepted!

Two sales in the same week - what are the odds? I'm stoked!! The buyer wanted a unique plush animal that could incorporate blue, green, black and white. She said she would like to take it traveling with her and take pictures of it in random places. How fun! I submitted my bid, and she loved my 'Zibits. So I made one special just for her.

And here's how it turned out ....

So cute! I may have to make some more kaleidescope 'Zibits to list ... hmmm ....


Sunday, March 16, 2008

I had my first sale yesterday!

Wow - it's soooo exciting! I actually couldn't believe it for a few seconds. It was like finally getting something you've waited so long for ... and then it's hard to imaging that it's really happening. Hehe. Sheesh, that sounds overly dramatic.

It's a bittersweet sale. The item sold is Sedrick, my first ever listed plushie. Though there was a prototype before him (which I'll keep forever), he was my first sale-able plushie. He was also my first attempt at putting spikes down the back. Oh, Seddy ... you will be missed.

Luckily, he's going to a good home. The woman who purchased him seems to love plushies as much as I do. And he's going to be a gift that she bought for herself for her birthday. So he's definately going to bring a smile to her face.

I guess I just wanted to write this post as a farewell to my little guy. I gave him a big hug and packaged him all up with care. He's on to bigger and better things. And now for some pictures. (please feel free to hum "Memories" by Barbara Streisand whilst viewing)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

To craft or not to craft?

I've had these San Francisco MUNI passes sitting around for ages. I can't seem to get rid of them. They're great colors and I keep thinking I could use them in a craft project. Now I'm thinking maybe someone else could use them in a project ... and, like, pay me for them. Haha - to be blunt, I guess :) I have 6, and they are all a little worn. FEB 08 is more worn than the others, having some creases and such. Nothing a little flattening out under heavy books couldn't rectify, though. They are about 2 1/8 inches x 3 3/8 inches. The giant A stands for "Adult" and then the month signifies which month the pass is to be used for.

What do you think? Craft or sell?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meet the 'Zibits!

I've picked the names for my plushies!!

The line is going to be called the 'Zibits (thank you, ReFashionAbles!) and this particular little guy is named Sedrick (thank you, CelticKnot!)

'Zibit A is going to be the smaller size. 'Zibit B is going to be the larger size. When I come up with different types, there will be 'Zibit B, C, D, E, .... X, Y, Z!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Help name my plushie line!

I'm looking for a name for my plushie line, as well as individual names for my little plushie guy. To sort of explain, I would like an overall name - i.e. like "dogs" - and then individual names for each guy - i.e. like "golden retriever, sheltie" etc. The dog thing is just an analogy. My little guys look nothing like dogs :)

Soooo .... wanna help? If I pick your name, I will give you credit in my store. This means I will state in my profile that you (with your store link) helped with the naming process.

Here's the link for my store, where you can see more pictures of this little plushie. fortunately. unfortunately.

The details: All of my plushies are going to use the same scale technique. Initially, they will all be the same squarish shape, though I want to branch out soon and make some other body type. They will all be two-toned, and will all be made out of fleece because it's super soft and washable!

Any help is appreciated! Feel free to leave a comment with your name idea! :)

EDIT: Some of the names offered so far are Gilbert/The Gilbert Collection, McScaly (because he sort of looks like the Fry Guys from the McDonald's commercials) and Kazoos. All great so far!