Sunday, March 23, 2008

Furry Friends

My first blog about my life in general (and not just etsy)!! In response to a thread I posted on ... well ... etsy ... I thought it would be fun to show the world my kitties.

Here's Pheona - she's talks alllllll the time. She'll even hold conversations with me. And I swear her meow for "no" and her meow of "yes" are different. She also chases her own tail at times.

Here's Pharaoh. He's really floppy (as you might be able to tell). He's a one-cat welcoming committee whenever anyone comes over. He gives kisses on the nose and, unlike his adopted sister, has the most pathetic meow you've probably ever heard. Oh, and he loves water. Like really, really loves water. Especially showers.

Okay. I'm supposed to be writing TWO papers right now, so I'd better get crackin'.


Licia said...

Your kitties are adorable. Pharaoh has a face like our Maggie Magpie and it just make me want to find her and giver her pets! I love how she talks all the time.

ReeesaT said...

You totally should, licia! It's a fun, no pressure thread. Someone recently posted "This is the funniest damn thread I've seen." Made me smile from ear to ear!