Sunday, March 9, 2008

Help name my plushie line!

I'm looking for a name for my plushie line, as well as individual names for my little plushie guy. To sort of explain, I would like an overall name - i.e. like "dogs" - and then individual names for each guy - i.e. like "golden retriever, sheltie" etc. The dog thing is just an analogy. My little guys look nothing like dogs :)

Soooo .... wanna help? If I pick your name, I will give you credit in my store. This means I will state in my profile that you (with your store link) helped with the naming process.

Here's the link for my store, where you can see more pictures of this little plushie. fortunately. unfortunately.

The details: All of my plushies are going to use the same scale technique. Initially, they will all be the same squarish shape, though I want to branch out soon and make some other body type. They will all be two-toned, and will all be made out of fleece because it's super soft and washable!

Any help is appreciated! Feel free to leave a comment with your name idea! :)

EDIT: Some of the names offered so far are Gilbert/The Gilbert Collection, McScaly (because he sort of looks like the Fry Guys from the McDonald's commercials) and Kazoos. All great so far!


-DecMeadow said...

How about for the plushie line:

It's another word for scales.

And the Individuals can be a remix on the animals that have scales.

Dragon = Ganor
Mermaid = Ameir
Fish = Shi
Lizard = Razi



ThePeachTree said...

How about The Gossamers?

(meaning Something delicate, light, or flimsy)

Individual names:

ReeesaT said...

Wow! Thanks so much, decmeadow and thepeachtree! Your creativity is wonderful and inspiring :)

Sygnet Creations said...

actual definition
--the outermost layer of the skin

Very fitting I think =)

then you can give them unique and fun individaul names!

something like: Skriffy. wool-iam, feltina, fleecity...okay So I am just weird =)