Sunday, March 16, 2008

I had my first sale yesterday!

Wow - it's soooo exciting! I actually couldn't believe it for a few seconds. It was like finally getting something you've waited so long for ... and then it's hard to imaging that it's really happening. Hehe. Sheesh, that sounds overly dramatic.

It's a bittersweet sale. The item sold is Sedrick, my first ever listed plushie. Though there was a prototype before him (which I'll keep forever), he was my first sale-able plushie. He was also my first attempt at putting spikes down the back. Oh, Seddy ... you will be missed.

Luckily, he's going to a good home. The woman who purchased him seems to love plushies as much as I do. And he's going to be a gift that she bought for herself for her birthday. So he's definately going to bring a smile to her face.

I guess I just wanted to write this post as a farewell to my little guy. I gave him a big hug and packaged him all up with care. He's on to bigger and better things. And now for some pictures. (please feel free to hum "Memories" by Barbara Streisand whilst viewing)

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