Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Twin Peaks, San Francisco

Last weekend, we took my BF's father on our favorite "urban hike" - up to Twin Peaks! If you currently live in San Francisco, or are thinking of visiting, I would highly recommend making the trek up there. You start out at Market Street, roughly 200 feet above sea level, and end at the spot with the best view of the whole city .... and the ocean, and the South Bay, and the East Bay and probably even Nevada if you try hard enough.*

Here's some pictures. Enjoy!

*Okay. You can't see Nevada. In fact, you may not have heard this, but San Francisco suffers from some gnarly fog like 80% of the time. So you may not be able to see past downtown. But I promise it's still worth it! Even if only to feel superior to the buses of tourists who drove up . . . weenies. :)

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