Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Non-Responsive Interview

One of my very first blogs was about the "Lets be non-responsive" thread found in the Etc. Forum at Etsy.com. It's a riot and if you haven't wandered in there yet, you really, really should.

Because that thread is now on page 744 or so, with over 7400 posts, I decided it was prime time to try a new "non-responsive" tactic. Such was the birth of the Non-Responsive Interview!

Its a simple premise. I will feature one seller a week (hopefully). I will send this seller a list of questions, and then he or she will send me a list of answers. If all goes right, the questions and the answers won't match in the slightest. The final interview will be posted here on a Tuesday.

This is sort of an odd idea (I have a very odd sense of humor), so I'm going to illustrate with an "interview" of myself. Consider this the beta version - everything that comes after will be much, much better. :)

1. Remember back to the first time you ever came to Etsy.com and share the story with today's readers.

Yes, I do have pets. They are a joy and I wouldn't have it any other way. To ensure that my products are pet hair free, I keep all of my materials in plastic containers. The finished products are kept far out of reach and every creation gets a thorough and intense roll from my tape/lint/hair roller thingy before being shipped out. So it's all good.

2. If you could see one thing on Etsy.com changed - anything at all - what would it be?

The first piece I ever made was a scarf for myself out of a felted wool sweater. It was actually my BF who came up with the "scale" look. I was going to do something much more mundane, but he swooped in and showed me "the technique". My life was never the same - haha!

3. Be honest now. The "Lets be non-responsive" thread is the best thread in the Etc. forum ... true or false?

I use bright colors because, as much as I can appreciate the nice, put-together, and versatile look of more neutral colors, nothing beats a bright, in-your-face color for accessorizing. Or at least that's my fashion. Accessories - be them in a house or on a person - are an inexpensive way to totally change the feel for a room or outfit. Living on a very modest budget, I've come to embrace accessorizing.

4. What was your motivation for joining the handmade movement and becoming a seller on Etsy.com?

I've only actually had one sale. It was yesterday, for Cyber Monday, and I didn't sell a thing. Ha! In all fairness, my shop isn't as stocked as I would have liked, and I haven't had time recently to make anything new. So I'm not disappointed. My birthday is in February ... maybe I'll do another sale then?

5. I have a sneaking suspicion that you're not listening to me. Soooo ... I'm naked right now. Thoughts?

I truly envy people who work with their hands on a daily basis. If I could do life all over again, I'd probably become a furniture upholsterer. It seems meticulous and difficult, but oh so rewarding in the end. I'll probably end up taking a class one day. For now, my fleece creations will have to suffice.

*** And there you have it! I'm hoping this will be a fun and silly way to feature really great sellers on etsy. And I promise all future interviews will be significantly less schizophrenic. :)


LooseWireStudio said...

Hilarious! I laughed out loud at each q&a. :D You're so clever!

Cattrix said...

Oh!! And yet another way to be wonderfully non responsive.. giggling non responsive is difficult for me though,, I have to bite my tongue, err, fingers a lot!

juliaa said...

my brain was getting a little bit confused, as it is wont to do, so i was skipping the questions and reading the answers.

and then i noticed that you said you were naked.

you just can't skim over that.

i'll have to check out the non-responsive thread...sounds like my kind of thing. :)

kim* said...

so confused lol

Nicole Solo said...

Lol, it took me a minute to "get" this too! Funny :D