Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First attempt at recycled envelopes

For some reason I was stuck on the idea of recycled envelopes over the weekend. There's a Good Will book store very close to my house, so I stopped in there on Sunday, and found a great copy of One Fish, Two Fish by Dr. Seuss. It broke my heart to tear the book to shreds, but I got over it ... (hehe)

Here's some of the envelopes I made. They aren't standard size. More like "thank you" size.
This has inspired me to make some stationary gift sets for my friends and families for the holidays. As for the Dr. Seuss envelopes, I think I might put sets in as a freebie to my customers. I'll have to make custom note cards to go in them, but hey, any excuse to get crafty is fine by me :)


MichellesCharmWorld said...

very cute!!!

saffron said...

That is very clever. They look really cute! Thanks for the comment over at my blog!!!

JillHannah said...

Did the book scream as you cut into it? I'm too weird about books to ever be able to kill one myself, but your results are very cute. Personally, I take my envelope-making axe to wallpaper samples. If you super-duper swear not to swoop into my territory, I'd be happy to send you Template Heaven to make your life a bit easier.

Yay crafty!

candy said...

cute! very creative!