Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I miss her ...

As some of you may know, I lost my electric blue kitty (i.e. the cat I use for my avatar) a while back. She was literally lost for two months, and then she was found - passed away - by a neighbor. It was devastating, and I still think of her and miss her everyday.

I'm an animal person. Like a big animal person. Like if you saw my room as a kid, you'd think I owned stock in stuffed animal stuffing. My mom has pet allergies, but when I was about 13, she was put on a new medicine that allowed her to be less allergic. So we got some animals - real ones. It's been down hill ever since. I'm somewhat thankful I've only lived in apartments for the last 5 years ... apartments that have animal restrictions. I fear one day, when I own a house of my own, I will have a whole menagerie, like Dr. Doolittle (the original, not the Eddie Murphy remake).

I say all of this because, even though I'm still hurting from the loss of electric blue kitty, I'm finding myself wanting to get another cat. There are so many in the shelters that have been there such a long time. I feel guilty having just the one cat now, especially since I know he would love to have a friend. I predict that I will get another cat - NOT a replacement, just another cat - in the very near future.

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