Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Paper Tags ... and Things My Dog Eats

Okay, so I made some new item tags out of card stock. I generally like how they turned out. It was actually a lot easier than I thought (what can I say, I'm very new to crafting with paper products!) I just took some card stock scraps, cut them in a tag-like shape, punched a hole in the top, printed out some small images of my items - and my URL - and glued it all together. Oh, and then I wrote on it with a Sharpie so it had a more "me" feel. !Voila!

On a completely different note, I made a list of things my dog has recently attempted to eat in protest:
  • a grocery store savings card
  • my right shoe
  • a cd case
  • a left slipper
  • a mostly empty peanut butter container
  • audio wires
  • 4 socks
  • my BFs left flip flop
  • the cat (don't worry - just a nibble)
  • a couple of my brand new paper tags ... grrrrr
He waits for me to get home before he goes for the stuff. It makes me think he's fighting inner demons and, deep down, wants to be a good dog (and thus get caught).

Wonder what he'll get today ...

1 comment:

Art By MAR said...

Great job on the tags. Fortunately my dogs don't try to eat things although my beagle did steal of ball of yarn the other day. I had a Lab who stole and ate a whole 2 lb box of chocolates once. Love your layered scarfs by the way!